Domains We’ve Sold

TicketFly.com – most all concert and show attendees knows TicketFly.  This was a great sale for both parties and it’s grown into one of the largest ticket companies around.  We love what they built the domain into and always smile when we buy tickets 🙂

BrandFire.com – they built the domain into a fast growing creative agency.

CoffeeButler.com – they purchased it to ensure they receive the .COM traffic.  Smart move!  It forwards to the .DK extension, which is their main brand.

BBQPatio.com – a Chicago BBQ restaurant that’s been in business for over twenty years.

IncomeFocus.com – this was built into an SEC-registered investment advisor headquartered in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

MyButler.com – this is a luxury concierge service that caters to a specific demographic.


Why Buy From Us?

We have thousands of premium domain names available for immediate purchase and every domain listed on this site is owned by us.  When you purchase the domain name here you’ll become the owner and our team will work with you to ensure you have a smooth transaction.

We’re based in Reston, VA and look forward to helping you buy a premium domain for your new or existing business.

Although DomainVIP.com has only been around a few years, the owner has been selling domain names for over 15 years.

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Advantages Of Owning

Online Presence – you are investing in the power of the Internet and the ability to create an online brand.  Investing in a great domain is a necessity in today’s market.

Traffic Potential – owning your domain brand instantly provides you with the ability to generate traffic.  We’ve worked with clients who owned a non-.COM domain and eventually realized how much traffic they were losing – because most people go to .COM first.

Marketing – you already spend money advertising your product or service, so it only makes sense to own a great domain for your brand.  The domain can be your exact brand, a product, or even a community.


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