Payment Plan

We offer a payment plan for any sale over $1,000 and use to facilitate it.  It will cost you the escrow fees plus other fees that charges to create and manage the payment plan.  It’s really best and cheapest if you pay for the domain immediately, but the real benefit is being able to own and manage the domain name instantly.

When is it a good idea?  Whenever you must own the domain, but don’t have the money or credit available to pay for it in full.

When is it a bad idea?  When you have the money or credit to pay for it in full.  A payment plan adds an additional cost to the domain price.

If your only choice is to spread out the payments over time, then by all means do it or you could find yourself looking for another domain.  We’ve seen this happen far too many times over the years where someone finds the best domain, but doesn’t utilize a multi-payment method.

In the end there’s really no difference in paying now or over time aside from incurring the additional costs and delaying complete ownership.