When is the domain sale finalized with us?

Once you submit payment we consider the sale final and no refunds will be issued for any reason.

Are there any yearly fees after I purchase the domain?

Yes, but not from us. You must pay the registrar where you keep your domain their yearly renewal fee. If you don’t pay the yearly renewal fee, then you’ll lose ownership of the domain. Most registrars (such as Godaddy) charge $9+ per year.

Do we include anything with the domain purchase?

No – you are only purchasing the rights to the domain itself. We don’t include anything with the domain such as logo, content, etc..,.

Will I own all of the domain rights after paying?

Once your payment is approved and the domain is in your account, then you have full control of the domain and have full ownership. At this point you can do anything you like with the domain and we have no say about it.

What happens after I buy a domain?

Fastest way to become the owner – wire the money directly to us and we’ll push the domain to you at the current registrar almost instantly (as soon as your payment is approved by our bank). This method typically means you take ownership of the domain the same day.

If your payment method is directly through us (via Stripe), then we’ll push the domain to your account at the current registrar. This can take several days so that we can ensure the payment was not fraudulent. If you need immediate use of the domain, let us know and we can change the nameservers.

If your payment method is Escrow.com, then we’ll create the transaction at Escrow.com (fees are split 50/50), you submit payment to Escrow.com, and once they approve your payment we’ll push the domain to you at the current registrar. This process typically takes 1-5 business days to complete. The fastest method is to wire Escrow.com your payment.

Who owns the domains?

The owner of DomainVIP.com is the person that owns all domains listed on the site. We do not offer the ability for domains to be listed by anyone else.

Are the prices negotiable and do we accept offers?

We include the ability for you to make an offer on all domains, but we price our domains very reasonably. We value our domains by using many factors such as similar sales, length, extension, and many more. The owner has been in the domain business for over 15 years and is an expert at placing values on domains, but prefers to keep the prices affordable for most anyone.

If you submit an offer, we will review your offer along with the domain and current valuation. We may or may not accept your offer, but we might also determine that we priced it too low and increase the price.

Our suggestion – buy it immediately at our very reasonable price to ensure that you get the domain.