Domain Names 101

Why is owning a great domain name vital for your business?

It’s the foundation for your business and how people ultimately relate to you and your business. In today’s world your domain is like owning the land and building in a prime area, but far more affordable.

What are other benefits of owning a great domain name?

One of the things we see far too often is people using a free email address or one associated with their internet provider. Did you know that according to studies not having an email address tied to your domain name can dramatically affect your sales? Yes it can and does. The difference between emailing someone from your domain versus a free email is huge. Avoid it at all costs.

Why do aftermarket domain names cost so much?

Sure you can register a domain for only $10 or so, but it’s most likely not of the same quality. The cost for domain names comes from many valuation factors along with the time and effort to acquire the domains to begin with. The best analogy is looking at what someone paid for land that was once used for a farm, but now is a thriving metropolis. Their initial investment may have been small, but they’ve paid taxes, fees, and other items over the years. So those items coupled with their sense to invest their money into land that could potentially become valuable may provide great returns.

What can I do with my domain name once I purchase it?

You can do anything with it that you like, but most people tend to develop a website on it for business or personal reasons. We mentioned it above, but one of the benefits is having a personal email address of your choice. You could make it me@, support@, info@, or anything you like since you own the domain and control everything – try getting – hah!

Are all of the 1 word domain names gone?

Yes – all of the amazing category killing 1 word domains are long gone and have been registered for 15-25 years.

If all of the 1 word domain names are gone, what can I do?

You should purchase the next best thing – a great 2 word domain name. We have thousands of these for sale here at, so find one of our premium domains and purchase it before someone else does.