Domain Values

How are domain names valued?

The owner of DomainVIP is a veteran in the domain space and is very experienced with placing values on domain names. There are free appraisal services that almost always provide misleading and poor domain name values. It’s virtually impossible to provide a real domain name value using some automated tool.

We take many factors into valuing the domains listed here and each name is personally valued by the owner.

Why are domain names so valuable?

They have value due to several factors such as what they mean, the ability for branding, how they can increase your online business presence, and much more. Plus there’s only one domain (there can’t be any exact duplicates).

Think about domains like a piece of land – if you own the best piece of land in a busy area, then your land will sell for the most money. It’s usually a home builder that buys this land for a premium so that they can build a house.

Why would someone pay so much money for a domain name?

Having one or more of the best domain names for your online or offline business is required today. There are hundreds of million domain names in use right now, but they’re not all the same. As far as many people are concerned .COM is the king and will remain there, which is why the majority of our names are of that extension.

Businesses and people who are trying to use a non-.COM domain for their business have no idea how much traffic and business they lose to the person who owns the .COM. You can rest assured that they lose a ton of traffic because almost everyone is used to typing the .COM domain into their browser.

Should a start-up buy one of our premium domains before they become successful?

Most definitely. Some start-ups buy some non-.COM domain to get their product launched and assume they can buy the .COM version of it later. If they’re lucky enough to find the owner willing to part with it, you can bet the price will be 10 to 1,000 times more. The owner has helped start-ups acquire the .COM version of their domain and the price for one was something like $1,000 several years ago, but now the owner sees a successful start-up and wants over $100,000. Don’t let this happen to you.

What’s a domain name really worth?

It truly depends on the buyer. One person or company may look at it and feel it’s only worth $5,000 to them, but another person or company may feel that it’s worth $50,000 to them. The true value in a domain name is what it can do for your business now and in the future. A domain will typically increase in value as the length of ownership increases and content is placed on it.

Are .COM domain names worth more than other extensions?

In one word – yes. There are many new extensions being released and it’s causing serious issues with people that are using them as their primary business site. There’s only one of the exact domain name and the person who owns it controls that piece of the internet.

Let’s say someone sets up a business on one of the new domain extensions. Most people will simply type in that business name with a .COM instead of the other extension in use, which means lost traffic, revenue, customers, etc..,.

We highly suggest owning the .COM first and then you can acquire the other extensions if you feel that it’s necessary.