How To Pick The Right Domain Name

Most people want to know how to pick the right domain name.  It’s easy to get stuck in the domain name search mode, so when you see a domain name that you love – buy it immediately!  Hopefully you found this domain here on DomainVIP, but if you need assistance just ask us – someone here will help you find the right domain on DomainVIP (free) or anywhere else (for a fee).

You should spend less than 2 days searching for a domain.  If you take any longer than that, you risk losing one you liked or simply delaying your plans.  Many people look up domain owners, email them, and wait for many days, weeks, or months with either no answer or a price far outside of their budget.  Your goal should be to pick the right domain name fast.

There are far too many examples of people developing a brand before they actually own the .COM domain.  In almost every example they regret developing a brand before owning the .COM domain name.  A few examples of companies that built a brand without owning the .COM are Apple, Buffer, Basecamp, and Bitly.  It cost them each dearly to buy the .COM and a few almost couldn’t.

A few simple tips:

  • For your primary site you should buy the .COM if at all possible.  It’s very easy here at since we offer you a payment plan if you need one.
  • For other sites that send traffic to your main site look at .COM first and then .NET and .ORG extensions.  These are feeder sites and can be extremely useful for driving targeted traffic to your main site.
  • Look for 2 word domains that define your company/brand since most 1 word domains are extremely expensive.  There are some great 1 word domains available here at reasonable prices.
  • Say the domain out loud several times to be sure it’s easy to understand and sounds good.   Far too many people don’t do this simple step and then wind up with a domain that’s either hard to understand or sounds bad.
  • Get the shortest domain you can that makes sense for your business.  It’s far easier for someone to remember a short domain than a lengthy domain.
  • Learn to love your new domain and embrace it – it’s part of your family now.